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Do you support local businesses?

We all use IT in our businesses and at home, do you realise how many people are out there claiming thay can help you with the general maintenance and day to day running of this equipment. Unfortunately we had tried 2 of these companies and both let us down big time so I had lost faith in this industry.

I joined a network group located in Witney, Juice Networking meets at The Greens Golf Club, Witney on a Tuesday Morning, my first visit as a guest had me met by Kevin Ackland owner of Systems & Solutions, an IT Specialist company. I joined this Network group and immediately had a call from Kevin to arrange a chat so he could better understand what we did and so he could explain what they did so we both would have a knowledge of each other in case an opportunity to make a referral came about.

Kevin came to us for the meeting, we discussed the services we provide and also the services his company supplied and I was amazed at just how much he could do to help both individuals and businesses with their IT. I explained the issues I had with the previous companies we had used and he was genuinely horrified. I agreed to allow him to undertake a health check and this turned into 45 mins of playing with our server, at the end of which I had emails and a computer system that appeared to be working better. Kevin then proceeded to explain that the server was incorrectly set up and would need to be sorted out by his engineers. We then decided to give them a chance as we do like to use local companies.

Systems & Solutions have since restored my faith in IT Professionals, the staff are all friendly, very knowledgable and very professional.  Their Byte Safe Virus Monitoring as well as the systems monitoring gives you real peace of mind, since employing them we have not had any worries, if we have an issue it is sorted quickly and without fuss and most issues can be done remotely meaning they dont even need to attend site. The professional approach by Kevins team and the knowledge that they are there if we need them allows us to get on with running our business, and they are a local company.

Recently I did a talk on Internet sales and how they can result in much higher costs than you would expect, our scanner/printer broke and I found myself looking on the internet for its replacement. I knew what I wanted and found it on the web at what was in my opinion a good price. I then realised that I was doing what I had warned people not to do. I made a call to Systems & Solutions told them the printer I wanted and asked for a price. within an hour they emailed a quote and to my amazement and delight they were the same price as the internet but with no delivery costs, any issues and they are on the end of a phone what was more was they had the printer the very next morning which was also quicker than the internet.

I would like to take this oportunity to promote the use of local businesses and if you are looking for a reliable and professional IT specialists then look no further than Systems & Solutions.


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