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No Extinguisher, no insurance payout. The fire wasn't the only disaster!

Checking you have the right fire protection required by your insurance could save you a fortune in the long run. The initial cost and subsequent maintenance of fire extinguishers will pale in significance if your insurance won't pay out, as one of our farming clients found out recently... 

Fire in the fields! Combine written off.

A new client for us was a farmer who thought he didn't need fire extinguishers until he had a fire on his combine harvester, the machine went on fire in the middle of his crop and being unable to tackle the small fire that started in the engine compartment he managed to bravely drive the machine from the middle of the field to an area that protected the crop.

 The crop damage was minimal but the combine was written off by the insurance company.



The real shock: No extinguisher, no insurance

The real shock came when his insurance company asked why he had not used the fire extinguisher mounted on the combine. It then came to light he did not have one, this is when he found out that it was a requirement of his insurance to have fire extinguishers and as a direct result they did not pay out.


All tractors and workshops now have extinguishers

Needless to say all his tractors and workshops now have fire extinguishers and he has also set up a maintenance contract, it has been 6 months since the fire and he still hasn't received any insurance money to replace the combine.

Insurance requirments

Fire extinguishers are a requirement of a lot of insurance companies, all business insurance normally has a clause that fire equipment must be installed and maintained, this also applies to occupants of thatched roof cottages. The cost of initial purchase and subsequent maintenance of fire extinguishers will seem insignificant when compared to the reduced or refused payout following an incident.

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