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safecontractor approved. The fastest growing health and safety accreditation scheme in the UK

Monarch Fire is now an accredited member of safecontractor. 

safecontractor is a third-party accreditation scheme that assesses your health and safety arrangements. It is the fastest growing health and safety accreditation scheme in the UK, with more than 210 major clients, including some of the UK's largest blue chip companies, and over 20,000 contractor members.

With its increasing membership and growing profile in the UK, the safecontractor scheme is now used by many large organisations as a way of obtaining competent contractors

Ensure the health and safety competency of contractors

With legislation placing an ever-increasing burden on organisations to ensure the health and safety competency of contractors providing services on their premises, it is vital to have a reliable system in place.

More than ever, there is a need to determine how seriously your external contractors and service providers take health and safety and to professionally assess the suitability of their arrangements.

Many large organisations use safecontractor to reduce risk and to develop and maintain their approved contractor and service provider lists and also search for new ones through our online database.

Many major clients recognise the scheme and accept the safecontractor certificate as confirmation of competency. 

  • Demonstrate their health and safety competence.
  • Reduce the burden of multiple compliance.
  • Retain access to their major clients who insist on safecontractor accreditation.
  • Gain access to new clients who support the safecontractor scheme.
  • Receive an extensive range of membership benefits.

safecontractor Charter Standards

The safecontractor Charter Standards set down the benchmark against which the contractor is assessed.

Due to the vast variation in contractor work activities, size and nature, the Standards are deliberately non-prescriptive which allows the auditors to use their best judgment and experience as to the specific level of evidence required to demonstrate compliance.

What is covered?

The Standards cover core elements including health and safety policies, risk assessment and first aid, but also include specific requirements relating to the activity for which accreditation is being sought. For example, high risk activities such as asbestos removal have an additional 14 evidence requirements (including licenses and health surveillance).

How is it covered?

The overall performance and operation of the Audit Team is governed by the Professional Guidance Note (PGN) which outlines the overall aims of the audit process and other non-technical issues including file handling, call handling and customer service.

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