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Fire Alarms

Monarch Fire (UK) Ltd only supply Fire alarms to Oxfordshire businesses, from the leading manufacturers and as such offer extended warranties on both the fire alarm panels and devices supplied.

Monarch Fire (UK) Ltd has links with a number of suppliers and can create a solution to suit your requirements.

We offer fire alarm testing and maintenance packages for business. To make sure you have the right alarm system for your home please call us to discuss your requirements. We will advise you on the best products, provide a quote and arrange delivery to your home.

As well as wireless fire alarm systems there are 2 main types of fire alarms: these are conventional and addressable. There are many manufacturers of fire alarms and with this comes different levels of quality.


The conventional fire alarm

The conventional fire alarm is designed to work in zones. These zones are located on cables running from the panel. These cables are called spurs and if the system is large this can increase the cost of both materials and installation to above an acceptable level. The conventional system monitors the spurs for faults but can only indicate which spur the fault is on. Additionally if a device goes faulty it can stop all devices beyond the fault from working.

Addressable fire alarms

The addressable fire alarm system is far more complex in design. This normally means that initial costs may be higher than a conventional system but the benefits far outweigh the costs. The addressable system works on a loop as opposed to a spur where the cable leaves the panel and travels around the building returning to the panel.


Each loop can contain 128 different devices, and panels can be designed to have multiple loops fitted, as well as the ability to link multiple panels together. If an error occurs on the loop the panel will locate and display its location. If the signal cannot get passed the device the panel will pulse the opposite direction so the rest of the alarm still works correctly. The addressable system can offer a much higher level of cover. It is programmable to cover any special needs of your business, and as it locates faults quickly this reduces maintenance costs incurred by call-outs.

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