Fire Protection services

Fire Alarm systems installation, testing and maintenance

We carry out fire alarm testing and maintenance throughout Oxfordshire. We service most types of fire alarm and have been trained by the majority of the major manufacturers. We can even maintain closed protocol fire alarms although it is limited as to what repairs we can conduct. Fire alarm maintenance requires site visits either quarterly or every six months depending on the system and your property.

Fire Protection Services

Wireless fire alarm systems

We specialise in wireless fire alarm systems and have fitted numerous systems throughout Oxfordshire. The main advantages of these systems are that you get a fully addressable system without any cabling. This means that installation times are quicker and staff disturbance is minimal. We have installed a wire fire alarm system in a small Oxfordshire hotel whilst the chamber maids delivered fresh linen.

Fire Protection Services Oxfordshire

Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance

Monarch Fire (UK) Ltd offer a number of Fire Extinguisher servicing and maintenance packages: from a basic fixed fee extinguisher service to more comprehensive package. Both include Fire Extinguisher testing and fitting. Our Service area is based in and around Oxfordshire but we are willing to service neighbouring counties if requested.

Fire Protection Services - Fire Extinguisher servicing

Door Access Controls

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Fire Protection Services Oxford