Wireless fire alarm systems

We specialise in wireless fire alarm systems and have fitted numerous systems throughout Oxfordshire.

The main advantages of these systems are that you get a fully addressable system without any cabling. This means that installation times are quicker and staff disturbance is minimal. We have installed a wireless fire alarm system in a small Oxfordshire hotel whilst the chamber maids delivered fresh linen.

The wireless fire alarm systems we supply carry a 3 or 5 year warranty. Wireless fire alarm systems have battery lives of either 2-4 or 5 years depending on environment and whether you have a standard or premier system installed.

Although fitting a wireless fire alarm system can seem a more expensive option, the higher alarm unit costs are normally offset by the reduced installation time and equipment. Wireless fire alarms do not require meters of expensive fire proof cable and most importantly there is no down time for your business. Both our systems are programmed off site so they need only be screwed to the walls and ceilings and switched on.

No obligation quote

Monarch Fire (UK) Ltd offer a no obligation quotation service involving a site survey and a quotation service. We endeavour to be on site within 24-48 hours after the initial request or at a convenient time for you. Written quotations are then normally submitted within 3-5 days from the site survey.

Once our quote is accepted we also supply an equipment type and location list to be held in the fire log book so you know what you have and where it is as well as when the next discharge test is due.

Fire risk assessment

All businesses with 5 or more employees require a written fire risk assessment. Monarch Fire (UK) Ltd has partner companies that offer these services. We do not receive commission for these referrals but simply believe in recommending the best companies for the job.

We are firm believers that risk assessments must be carried out by independent, reliable and qualified assessors. The companies we recommend meet this criteria.

Once we have agreed on the correct plan for you we will install the fire alarm and/or the fire extinguishers you require and remove any old ones, leaving you with the service certificate.

Standards and Warranties

All fire extinguishers and fire alarm equipment supplied by Monarch Fire (UK) Ltd carry manufacturers’ warranties. These range from one year to five years depending on equipment and manufacturer. Monarch Fire (UK) Ltd is fully insured as per the legal requirements for our industry.

Our service plans meet the requirements of the relevant British Standards. Our database will flag up when your fire extinguisher or fire alarm service is due and with your agreement we will automatically complete a site service visit or if requested we will phone and book an appointment with you to carry out the work.

To keep up to date with the changing fire regulations please subscribe to our blog, or follow us on Twitter as we will share industry and legal news that may impact you as it happens.