What should I do with my old fire extinguisher?

If you need to get rid of your old fire extinguisher,  it is your responsibility to ensure they are disposed of in an appropriate way. Although there is no legal requirement to prove you have followed safety guidelines, you cannot simply put it in the bin. As a pressurised container, fire extinguishers can be potentially explosive, harmful or even deadly. Condemned, part-used or vandalised fire extinguishers must not be allowed to become dangerous waste, or allowed to re-enter the supply system by any means. So what are the options available to you?

What about the tip?

Oxfordshire County Council recycling and waste advises as follows:

‘Old fire extinguishers can be returned to the retailer or supplier. Please note that extensively corroded extinguishers cannot be accepted.

Please do not place fire extinguishers in your dustbin or in the containers at Waste Recycling Centre as they may explode if they are crushed. Staff at the Waste Recycling Centres will show you to the area where they can be stored safely before being reused. Please make sure that:

All empty extinguishers have the handles securely taped together
Full/part full extinguishers have safety pin in place
Carbon Dioxide extinguishers should have a blanking cap if a swivel horn is not attached’

This is where Monarch Fire (UK) Ltd. and Fire Protection Recycling come in.

How does my fire extinguisher retailer/supplier take care of it?

Monarch Fire can remove old fire extinguishers from site, if requested. If you are having new fire extinguishers installed, there will be no delay in the removal of the old ones there will no charge and you will be left with a service certificate for your records. A small fee will be charged if no replacement is required.

Monarch Fire do not recycle the fire extinguishers ourselves, but store them safely until Fire Protection Recycling collect them for disposal.

Fire Protection Recycling and what they do

Fire Protection Recycling provide fire extinguisher disposal through the safe and guaranteed recycling of fire extinguishers and fire protection equipment. They hold both a registered waste carrier licence and ISO 9001:2008. Monarch Fire (UK) Ltd. can confidently reassure our customers that almost 100% of the fire extinguisher is recycled. This assists you with your health & safety and environmental policies and responsibilities. The effective and conscientious disposal and recycling of fire extinguishers and related equipment forms part of the responsibilities of any business or public sector company.

All you need to do

So, when you have identified a fire extinguisher that needs removal, you can rest assured it will be disposed of quickly, safely and with an environmental conscience. All you need to do is get in touch and ask us to remove your property and we will take of it.